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Helping our clients achieve more with tech

The challenge of replacing that old server or archaic payment system may be deemed too complicated and a decision is never made. A business is often too busy to stop and when it does assess the range of options available, it often ends up retaining existing systems for fear of making the wrong decision.

Wright Vigar's WV Solutions can make your life simpler:

We have been implementing a range of software options for clients for several years,
but we take a different approach to most.
We stop, listen and discuss the business needs which help drive the list of requirements for that best reporting module or inventory system, before suggesting the solution. 
We can prototype your solution with your data before you commit.

We have experienced Technology Consultants who work closely with a range of software providers to understand what are the best of breed apps on the market, how they integrate and what are the pitfalls to watch out for.

We also have development skills in house, so we can link that new software package to your legacy package.

We are all about bespoke solutions, as every business is different.

Talk to us for free, you will be pleased you did.

Just message me via Linkedin or contact me on 07720090114.

Alternatively contact the team at

Simon Marsh

WV Solutions is a technology service from Wright Vigar

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