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How to protect your business from the most common and successful cyber-attack.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Did you know 75% of organisations from around the world said they had experienced a phishing attack in 2020, and on average only 5% of companies are properly protected? (Proofpoint, 2021)

Phishing is the most common form of cybercrime because it has the highest success rate of any attack.

Many businesses focus their prevention efforts on system and network security, and rightly so, but often overlook the weakest part of any security fence – the human factor. It has been reported that 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error (Cybint, 2020), highlighting the importance of educating your team to prevent these mistakes.

So, what is Phishing? Phishing is a form of social engineering, relying upon people making mistakes, having a limited understanding of technology or simply being helpful! It takes many different forms such as scam calls, text messages and emails, but they all have one thing in common – theft.

When it comes to cybercrime, nothing is more valuable than data. Company and personal information are like gold to cybercriminals because they can hold a business to ransom, and potentially sell it to other criminals and there is no easier way to get access to that data than phishing.

Typically, criminals will send out emails to employees with links to a fake site where they hope the employee will enter their credentials. The criminals will then use those credentials to get access to company information.

It only takes one person to enter their details into a fake website delivered by a phishing email and that fancy firewall may as well not exist.

This is where we come in! We can improve your employee’s ability to identify phishing emails through training and phishing testing helping you to:

  • Immediately start reducing your risk

  • Satisfy GDPR & compliance obligations

  • Train your employees in a positive and encouraging manner

  • Analyse your protection solutions and suggest and implement improvements where necessary

Our phishing service supports your employees by sending simulated phishing emails to analyse their susceptibility to phishing and improve their awareness in a safe and encouraging manner, so that when the real deal lands in their inbox they are less likely to fall for it.

Phishing emails come in many different shapes and sizes, using well known corporate companies such as the EE in the example shown, government and healthcare organisations like the NHS or HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs), compromised client email accounts or even internal addresses to look like the email came from a manager.

Through our testing and training, you will be able to relax knowing that your team will be armed with the knowledge and experience to tackle phishing emails, thus preventing breaches, and keeping your data safe. In addition, we can analyse your technology for weaknesses and identify where employees email addresses and passwords are easily available on the dark web so that you can take the necessary preventive measures.

If you are interested, our team will arrange with you to send a fake but completely safe email to your business as an initial test.

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