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Cybersecurity has become a major concern for any size business as cybercrime continues to rise. 


43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses with 65,000 hacking attempts made on small businesses every day, of which 4,500 are successful. 

How secure is your IT?


We check, test and improve your business IT security through penetration testing, website and web application security auditing, mock phishing campaigns, security check-ups, employee education and expert consultancy.

Whatever your needs and requirements, we tailor our services to your business and IT systems to make sure you get the solution you need.


We will give you peace of mind that your company data is protected.

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​What can we offer?

Baseline – We can audit your website, web applications or your entire I.T. Infrastructure and present you with our observations and recommendations to improve your risk posture.


Strategy – We can provide you with a clear cybersecurity strategy to continuously protect your information.


Protection & Remediation – We can provide you with new tools and monitoring so that your systems are ready to deal with future attacks, and we can work with your current website provider and others I.T. providers to make any improvements on your behalf.


Education – We can test staff and educate them to spot Phishing emails by using our WV Solutions phishing testing platform where we simulate fake emails that try to fool people into filling in sensitive information.

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