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Website Vulnerability Testing: What is it? Why is it important? And Do I need to do it?

You have no doubt heard tech experts saying ‘you need to check your website for vulnerabilities’, but you may not be sure what that entails. In this blog our experts from WV Solutions explain what vulnerability testing is, why it is important and who needs to do it.

Website vulnerability testing is the practice of detecting flaws in a website that could allow a hacker to steal sensitive data, or even take your website down. This is why it is important for businesses of all sizes to run regular checks to protect their online presence.

Why is website vulnerability testing important?

Vulnerability testing is essential for all businesses as it allows them to identity and mitigate any weaknesses in their websites. In today’s world websites are under constant attack by hackers who are out there to identify and exploit any vulnerabilities you have. However, through regular testing you can identify and repair these weaknesses before they are exploited, potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Do I need to check my website for vulnerabilities?

As mentioned before, every business that has a website can benefit from vulnerability testing. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities to steal customers data or take down the website, causing a potential loss in revenue and damage to your reputation.

There are many different types of vulnerabilities that can be found through testing, and it can often be difficult to understand what you need to do to protect yourself following the result. Well, this is where our team come in. We can provide you with a complete solution by carrying out a series of tests and vulnerability scans, providing an in-depth assessment of your websites security and create a comprehensive report of the results that you can understand. Finally, we put together a proposal for how you can repair your vulnerabilities and will liaise with your website provider to implement this, subject to your approval.

If you want more information on our website vulnerability testing solution, please get in touch on

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